Sunday, November 17, 2013

The cancelling of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell

Every time I think of the fact that Totally Biased has been cancelled, I get a little teary-eyed. I will miss it sooooo much. 

For one thing, it was a way to see my son, who lives a thousand miles away, every day. I didn't even have television before he got his own show. Oh, I had a television monitor, but I used it to watch the DVDs I rented from Netflix. The few television shows I wanted to see--Bill Moyers Journal, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart--I watched online. But when Totally Biased started in August 2012, I ordered cable. Not only would I watch as it was telecast, but I watched each show repeatedly on On Demand.

I enjoyed so much the Totally Biased perspective on the news, but I learned a lot as well. I learned the difference between Sikhs and Sheiks (although I did know that Sikhs were not Muslims); and the difference between sex and gender. 

I loved "No More Mr. Nice Gay" and everything Hari Kondabolu did. And Citizen Dwayne Kennedy said exactly what I would have said in the Civil War re-enactment and the touching of black hair segments. The street interviews were absolutely wonderful as well as being hilarious.

Moving a show that's just getting established from one to five days a week and then sending it off to a brand-new network that nobody could find was NOT smart. Anoosh Jorjorian explains the foolishness of it better than I can. 

Like my son, however, I am grateful that FX gave thousands more people a chance to discover his unique talent. As this  journey ends, we begin a new one.  Life is full of unexpected turns; that's why it's so exciting.

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